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HandmadePiece Testimonials

Not sure about our quality? Check our happy customers!

Painting I received was exactly what I hoped for - an oil painting from a photo of a cottage fadó fadó.

Color range is great, I was unsure how good the repro would be- no worries.

Communication was great from start to finish. Photo for final approval was provided, and received painting was better than photo conveyed.

Highly recommended.

John O'Sullivan Darcy
Killarney, Ireland

Truly a gem! Stumbled upon HandmadePieceArt. the other day and am compelled to write a review because I had such a great experience using them and I really liked the painting I got.

my beloved cat is now captured in brilliant oil paint and proudly displayed in my home.

It is so special to have an original piece of artwork painted by such a professional company.Thanks,Highly recommended

Cynthia Wright
Florida, United Stated

We lived in Alaska for 40 years and loved Sydney Laurence paintings. We could never afford to own an original, but thanks to HandmadePieceArt we now have 3 reproductions that look just like originals!!!

We are very pleased with our pictures and highly recommend this company to anyone who loves and wants to own great art.

Jackie Torkelson
Alaska, United States

The website looked very different, very sophisticated almost and the every Art & Design looked great.I feel user interface of their website is very helpful to first-time users.

Recently I purchased some painting like "The Starry Night" from handmadepiece. Quality hats off. painting excellent. My painting looks exactly like the original.

The price was surprisingly amazing.The package was so safely packed, and well.I was amazed to the that incredibly awesome looking package.

The efforts show how sincere they are in the serving.Its delivery is very fast always being on time.

Their customer service is very helpful.I really happy and satisfaction from my heart.

It was great and professional service from handmadepiece,Beautiful painting & highly recommended site by me.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.Keep it Up !!

Kristian Goodwin
Maine, United Stated

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the quality of this "original oil" painting from a photograph.

The price was very reasonable, especially with the frame.

I'm from the old school of "you get what you pay for." This product exceeded my expectations by a lot.

So what can I say, if you want a high-quality painting for a reasonable price, look no further than "HandmadePieceArt." Dr. C

Jerry Caulder
Rancho Santa, United States

So good to get great service and end product from an online store!

Thankyou so such, the attention to detail in my painting is very good, close to the original :)

I would recommend Handmade Piece if looking for something authentic!

Shaun Costa Interiors Creative Director

South Brisbane, Australia

Very happy with my hand painting reproduction Gustav Klimt dele Bloch-Bauer. Big thanks to the wonderful skillful artist who did the painting for me.

Sitting beautifully on my living room wall. And I get many compliments from friends :) Just ordered another piece of Gustav Klimt painting this one will be on my bedroom wall. So looking forward to my new painting!

Serene Chiu
Singapore, SINGAPORE

Good Job! I contacted HandmadePiece Art without previous references and was not sure what the output will be. I was surprised - great and quick communication, in time - perfect piece of art delivered.

Lukas (Czech Republic)

Lukas Klee
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Purchased Art:
Geöffneter Berg
This painting was simply a masterpiece. STUNNING, exceeded all my expectations, I can't verbally describe how amazed and pleased I was with this piece. Thank you sooo much!!! I will definitely order again in the near future!!!
Serena Konrad
Washington, United States
Eine wunderbare Kopie eines sonst für uns nicht erreichbaren Gemäldes. Malerisch meisterlich und ohne Makel ausgeführt. Der Service und der Kundenkontakt waren vorbildlich zu jeder Zeit. Ohne jede Einschränkung weiterzuempfehlen.
Joachim Walter
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
I bought "A Kiss" by Francesco Hayez. I am really pleased with the outcome, HandmadePiece Art did a great job and took care of the details of an exquisite oil painting like this. They showed me a preview of their work and I couldn't wait to get it! I can easily recommend this company.
Alicia Guillen
Texas, United States
This company is very professional, and the company's communication is excellent. The artwork is lovely! I am currently planning my next order.
FL, United States

My wife and I both love the work of Claude Monet. My experience with prints is that they can be fine "photos" of the art, but can lack the richness and depth, especially of an oil painting.

So we decided to try HandmadePiece, and we are very happy with the result. We hung the painting and have been admiring it. There seem to be a few differences between it and the original, but it is beautiful. The frame seems to be very good, and the crate packing for shipping was excellent.

The only reason I am give four stars instead of five is that this is the first time we have used HandmadePiece ... but based on this experience, we will use them again.

Michael Jacob
California, United States
I had Handmade piece do four art pieces for me and they all exceeded expectations. Great communication. Would use again. Great value.
Koloa, United States

I ordered a painting,(72 x 100 inches, or 182.88 x 254 cm) based on a picture from a catalog. After some time a picture of the painting was sent me for approval.

Shortly after approval of the picture, I was informed that my painting was shipped. When opening the delivery, I found that the painting was identical with the original. I am very pleased with the Whole process from the start til the end. Thank you.

Dawn Peleikis
Oslo, Norway
Painting was excellent and customer service was outstanding. Company sent an email with picture of painting to find out if it was acceptable before mailing. We had one comment for a minor change and it was handled perfectly and expediently.
Florida, United States
Purchased Art:
Self-Portrait, 12 x 16"
I ordered my girlfriends favorite painting to be replicated for her birthday. Monica was a pleasure to work with. Very responsive via email and the painting took about 3 weeks from order to delivery, but was absolutely perfect!! I highly recommend using them and look forward to doing more business with handmade piece in the future
Nick Stocking
Colorado, United States
The painting I wanted was reproduced to an excellent standard and I was given an example to proof and the small amendment I wanted was carried out no fuss or quibble and the end result was outstanding.
Mark Gladwell
Brighton, United Kingdom
Great job, great indeed! I am very pleased with my art work...They duplicated my piece to the T. I highly recommend them to everybody. Hats off to you!
Rich G Moroff
Lexington, United State

Have ordered five pieces from HandmadePiece.com. All have been outstanding. In one circumstance, we asked to have some minor changes made after seeing the preview prior to shipping, and they were made quickly and exactly as requested.

We have ordered two very large format pieces, two medium pieces, and a small-medium piece in an oval/elliptical shape. All came out truly world class. These paintings have been very diverse in style and all have been executed well--we have one 1800's style landscape, one hyper-realistic modern scene, one 1900's style nature portrait, one very detailed (feathered bird) contemporary style piece, and one fully abstract piece.

All have been very close to the originals. The pricing is great--including crated shipping from Hong Kong, they have cost about what the frames alone would cost locally.

Jeffrey Hancock
Houston, United States

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