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10 Reasons to Choose HandmadePiece

Top Artists, Museum Quality

HandmadePiece chooses to work with experienced artists, most of whom have been painting for over 20 years and own their own studios.

For better quality control, we don't work with:

  • Art Factories
  • Students
  • Amateurs

HandmadePiece is strict about colors, details, styles and the over all feeling of a painting.

Artist-Level Materials

Unless otherwise specified, we use eco-friendly artist-level oil paints and heave-duty (400 gsm) linen canvas. For gallery wrap, we use gallery-level (2 x 3 cm) solid pine wood, and thicker (3 x 4 cm) pine wood for larger paintings.

Photo Preview Before Shipment

For each painting you order, we offer high-resolution photos of the finished art before shipment. You see only what you receive. Usuallly, the real art looks way better than photos.

Unlimited Revisions

Artists ourselves, we can revise your ordered painting as you point out. Our artists can readily fix them for your preview again.

Order Art with Frames

With over 500+ frames on HandmadePiece, it's easy to order art with your favorite frame. Your ordered art will arrive safely-packaged and ready-to-hang. You may also suggest a frame should you can't find it on HandmadePiece. Give us an image and we can make the frame just for you. We can make any size and any style.

Anything About a Painting Can Be Customized

We love to customize for you. You may require a change of the colors, the subjects or objects in a painting, some details or the whole styles. You may also ask for a different size or ratio. Hope to add a meaningful sentences to the art? No problem. Hope to make the art look old? No problem. Any idea you have, simply let us know.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide. There's no size restriction so you can order any size from the smallest to the extra large. We have interior designing companies who love to order really huge paintings from us.

30-Day Money Back

For each painting you order from us, we guarantee 30-money back. Plus photo preview before shipment, there's absolutely no risk of ordering art from us.

No Long Wait

Our artist resource and proficiency enables us to work speedily on your order. Usually it takes less than one month from the order date to the day it arrives.

Your Satisfaction Is Ours

HandmadePiece is a handmade business propelled by quality artworks and quality service. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.