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About HandmadePiece

Museum Quality Art
Since 2000

Who are we?

We are a company made of professional artists. We make museum quality oil paintings, including painting reproductions, oil paintings from photo, customized paintings, frames and anything else that needs an artist to paint.

How do you work with artists?

We work with professional artists on a commission basis. We currently work with over 100 artists, who have been proven proficient in certain subjects, styles or certain individual artworks. Working directly with professional artists instead of students or art workers enables us to control quality much better than our competitors.

How do you control quality?

  1. We choose to work with talented artists with proven artworks.
  2. We currently work with 100+ artists, covering almost all styles and subjects.
  3. Our top artists work as examiners who check the quality of each finished oil painting, requesting fixes and improvements and perfecting art for you.
  4. At HandmadePiece, artists are our biggest asset. Efficient communication between HandmadePiece and artists has helped our business run smoothly and progress rapidly for the past years.

So what's quality?

We check several things before each painting is sent to the hands of our customers:

  1. Are the colors and tones right? 
  2. Has it been painted with the right style? 
  3. Are people, things, structures and perspectives right?
  4. Is the overall feeling right?
  5. Are details there?
  6. Is the brushwork natural or mechanical? 

Inexpensive & Risk-Free

By skipping galleries and re-sellers, we are able to bring costs down significantly for customers. You may notice some of our artworks cost even less than a print elsewhere, let alone that we use top quality materials like heavy-duty linen canvas and museum quality wooden bars.

Ordering art from HandmadePiece is risk-free. Artists ourselves, we by default offer high-resolution photo preview and unlimited fixes until you are satisfied. Want to attach some words on the painting? No problem. Any requirements needed, we would love to meet with them. Just tell us.


On HandmadePiece, it's easy to buy art with frame for ready to hang. Almost all items on HandmadePiece can be customized with sizes and frames. We offer almost 500+ frames and on each artwork page we offer 100+ frames for preview on the selected artwork. You sure will fall in love with one of the matches. Have fun matching your painting with frames.


HandmadePiece started in 2000 as an offline business.