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Whether you make your first purchase or simply navigate through our site for ideas, we think you will find shopping with us to be fun and convenient.

Place an Order

Three steps just like when you are in a supermarket:

  1. Add product to Cart: go to a product page, freely select size and frame and so forth if it’s a customization product, and place it in cart by clicking “Add to Cart”.
  2. Check out: you can add as many products as you like to the cart and then click “Checkout” in your cart for payment.
  3. Proceed to pay: follow the instructions and complete your order.

Payment Options

We accept PayPal and almost all credit cards. To specify an option we don’t have, please contact us.

Order Cancellations & Modifications

You may cancel an order as you like before it’s shipped (for artworks in stock), or before it’s processed for production (assigned to artists). But it’s not strict. If you’ve decided to cancel it, the earlier you cancel it, the better. Contact us soon and on most occasions, we will cancel your order for you, even if it’s a little late and has incurred cost for us. We don’t charge customers for cancellation.

If you have to modify your order, or have special requirements to include, let us know early, too. Since we are artists ourselves, unlike resellers you’ve dealt with before, we are almost always able to fulfill your updated needs.

For cancellation or modification, we will send you a confirmation message about further steps.

Privacy & Security

For short, we encrypt your credit card information using SSL (secure socket layer). We don’t store a single bit of such information.

Nor do we make use of your email address beyond providing service to you within HandmadePiece.

To learn more about Privacy & Security, please see our Privacy Policy.


When will I be charged? How will my credit card be billed?

Not until you make the payment. Adding products to Cart doesn’t cost you.

Nor do we bill your credit card straight away. When our credit card processor captures your credit card information there is a delay before your card is actually billed, say a week. This leaves enough time for you to cancel the order without actually having to reverse payments, should this be required.

How do I find a specific item from your catalog?

You may browse and navigate through our categories and check artworks page by page.

Alternatively you can make a search, by entering a keyword or the reference number in the search box at the top of HandmadePiece website.

Moreover, you can add an artwork you especially love into your wish list, and get back to them again whenever you log into your account. Or you can share artworks via social buttons to your social accounts, Facebook, Pinterest and so forth.

We’ve also found that part of our customers love to add artworks they will consider buying into Cart first, and then go to Cart again, remove the unwanted ones and form a final order list.

Do the images on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

We wish we could make what you see and what you receive entirely consistent in all aspects.

But a handmade artwork is made by hand. Because of this nature, it’s impossible even for a same artist to produce an artwork exactly the same twice. However, the images does reflect the same level of quality, details, colors, etc. Not exactly the same but 98% consistent.

How accurate are the item dimensions listed on your web pages?

Almost accurate, give or take 0.02 inch, or 5 mm.


Updated June 1, 2016