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Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny  oil painting Zoom

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Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny

Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas

By Claude Oscar Monet
SKU: 150919OM7712
Own a decent museum quality hand painted reproduction of "Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny" on artist-level linen canvas, originally by artist Claude Oscar Monet, year 1902. The reproduced artwork will be done by an experienced artist. You may freely customize the artwork with multiple size options and museum-quality frames.

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Online Price$221.00Gallery Price

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Great Reproduction Gift
I recently purchased a painting for my niece's birthday and couldn't be happier with the results. I was actually surprised how well this reproduction piece turned out. I snapped an image on my phone and sent it to them and then a few weeks later I received my painting! Dimensions and colours are spot on and its almost impossible to distinguish from the original. My niece even though I bought it from the gallery we visited the last time i was visiting her. Unfortunately I didnt have $50,000 to buy the painting new haha but this reproduction will certainly do the job.
Nicely packaged and good customer support kept me up to date with the progress on the painting and the shipping.
Highly recommended!
Paul M 
United Kingdom
Extremely pleased with our new painting!
Being a first time client, I placed my order with much hesitation. I then hesitated on ordering the frame, thinking I could find a lessor expensive frame near our home but I could not. The customer service was great, completely answering my questions to satisfaction. After receiving our final product, I would order from HandmadePiece again without any hesitation. The painting and frame are exactly what I was wanting. Beautiful!
E. Divers 
United States



Of all the subjects Monet painted, the multitude of locales his garden at Giverny provided are the most famous. The garden's path leading up to Monet's house received less attention than the Japanese bridge or the water lilies, however, and for good reason: Monet didn't paint it nearly as much.

Monet's largest flurry of paintings of the path resulted from inconvenience. At one point, Monet commissioned some heavy-duty landscape work to enlarge the lily pond. This included redirecting a minor branch of a nearby river and was a massive undertaking, requiring months of work. The lily pond was completely disrupted during this time, and Monet had to look elsewhere for subjects to paint. The path, among other things, received attention.

Another notable factor of the period in which this painting was produced was that at the time, Monet was completing studies he had begun in London and Lavacort. It was all indoor, studio-bound work, very unusual for the painter, especially at that point in his career. Indeed, up until that point, he claimed to work exclusively outdoors, but had to concede that that wasn't truly the case.

These breaks in Monet's routine show up clearly in Garden Path at Giverny, most notably in its spatial construction. The painting has far more depth than the likes of Monet's water lily paintings; it is closer to the likes of his more open landscape paintings. Still, the space within the frame is cramped. The trees, shrubs, and flowers almost form walls and a ceiling. The house comprises what would be the far wall. Even though it is out of doors, the painting seems confined within a room, although the organic and verdant mood of the garden is not sacrificed.

The colors are notable too. Purples and reds leap off the canvas in close proximity to one another. The warm glow of midday sun illuminates the whole scene. This too, is relatively unusual for Monet's Giverny paintings, which were more often painted in softer light and in far more muted tones.

Additional Info

Additional Info
Name Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny
Art Style Impressionism
Subjects Landscape
Original Size 35.0 x 36.2" (89 x 92 cm)
Customizable Choose Size & Frame
Shipping Condition World Free
Museum Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
SKU 150919OM7712
Medium Handmade Oil Painting
Orientations Square
Availability Pre-order
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